Residential Locksmith Services

Second-Shift Lock & Safe stays on top of new home security locks that have been introduced to the residential locksmith market. This means that we are highly knowledgeable in most advances made in the field of residential locksmithing and can provide professional and competitive service to all our residential customers. By having high security locks on their residence doors, our customer gain the peace of mind they deserve knowing that their loved once are as secure as possible.

Lock-Out & ReKey Service

Sometimes accidents happen. A key can be lost or stolen, or a key can break off in the lock. Don't panic, call Second-Shift Lock & Safe Service. We can have a professional technician there in minutes to rekey your residence, or get you back inside and removed the broken key from your lock.

Securing Your Home

Are your door locks secure against loding, or credit card shimming? Can your dead bolt be easily defeated with a swift kick or pry-bar? Second Shift Lock & Safe can assist you with an in-home analysis of your home's security. From entrance hardening to lock installations, we can make recomendations and will help you choose and install the proper door locks and hardware to block against common break-in attempts. While it is impossible to completely block every kind of break-in attempt, criminals typically choose easy targets, or those with the least resistance. By hardening your door locks and choosing proper hardware, it is possible to significantly reduce the chances of break-in and theft.

Too Many Keys?

Lock rekeying is a relatively simple process where the locksmith modifies the inside of a lock mechanism to use a different key. The inside of a lock contains tumblers or little wafers which act like a code to accept a specific key. By modifying the configuration of these tumblers or wafers, the lock can be made to no longer work with previous keys and to only work with new keys.  There is no need to buy all new locks for your doors, because rekeying renders all previous keys useless. This is a much less expensive alternative than replacing the entire locks in your building.


Mobile Locksmith Service Offers the Following Residential Solutions

  • Originate and duplicate keys
  • Provide restricted keys (against duplication)
  • Change locks to fit a new key (rekey)
  • Match locks to work on the same key (alike)
  • Provide extra security for patio doors
  • Install security deadbolt locks
  • Offer hardware to strengthen doors and frames
  • Repair locks and adjust doors to a proper fit
  • Find the custom hardware you want
  • Recommend keyless entry solutions
  • Set up padlocks to work on your house key
  • Install effective weatherstripping for doors